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13 November 2014 @ 01:00 am
Arashi "The Digitalian" Sapporo Goods Pre-Order  
I'm going for Arashi's The Digitalian concert in Sapporo with a friend so I'm organizing a pre-order.

It's my first Arashi concert so I'm super duper excited!

Prices are in Singapore Dollars and excludes shipping.
Comment here (screened for privacy) or email me at chiba.no.aiba@gmail.com your order.

Deadline: 5 December 2014
Goods will be distributed/mailed out by end December.

For Singapore buyers:
- Shipping costs not applicable (unless you opt for local postage).
- Accept payment via Bank Transfer only.
- Collection of goods via mass meet-up or local postage (for small & light items).

For international buyers:
- First payment for cost of goods only. Second payment for shipping.
- Shipping cost will only be advised after I return from Japan.
- Accept payment via PayPal only (buyer pays the PayPal fees)

Other Terms & Conditions
1. If I am unable to fulfill your order, your money will be refunded.
2. I am not responsible for items lost in the mail (registered mail encouraged).
3. I am not responsible for items damaged in the mail (item will be packed well).
4. Please kindly follow the order format.

Order format:

Location: (Country and state if applicable)
Contact Email:
Paypal Email:

Item #1
Item Name:

Item #2
Item Name:

Goods list:

Pamphlet: SGD $36

Arashi Fan Light: SGD $38 *limited quantity, will not be activated*

T-shirt: SGD $45

Pouch: SGD $17

Clear file (6 types - Group + Individual): SGD $12

Roller stamp: SGD $15

Shopping bag: SGD $30

Face towel: SGD $27

Original photo set (6 types - Group + Individual): SGD $14

USB memory stick: SGD $36

Reflector: SGD $14

Pamphlet miniature sticker [5 sheets] (5 types - Individual): SGD $10

Mini uchiwa (6 types - Group + Individual): SGD $9

Venue limited medal brooch (Sapporo): SGD $14

Kokuritsu book: SGD $60 *limited quantity*

For my past feedback, refer to here. My recent feedbacks are on Carousell here.