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Back with another short but funny clip. I love watching Q-Tube. The challenges they do are amusing! It's cute how Chinen is grinning from ear to ear as he's able to see from the studio his favourite senpai, Ohno. :P


The stoic MatsuJun saying it's impossible?!

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If you haven't heard the news, Arashi are the main personalities for this year's 24-Hour Television show! おめでとう!

It was announced in this week's episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare. They also gave us a glimpse of the venue as well as announced the theme. Since it was a short clip and I wanted to try my hand at rough timing, I decided to sub the clip. Can't wait to see who will be the marathon runner this year. (^^)

Let's support them for 24-Hour TV this year too!

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It's been ages since I subbed my first video but I thoroughly enjoyed the MJ Club segment in this episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare. All the stories about MatsuJun (and indirectly Arashi) shared by Shichinosuke were hilarious and I thought it would be a pity not to share them with more fans. Love it when the real life buddies of Arashi members are guests on their shows as they reveal tidbits of information about them. :D

Hope you guys enjoy watching this video as much as I did!

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Despite the sombre mood since it's the first VS Arashi episode after they announced their hiatus, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and was laughing a lot throughout the show. After all these years, I still think their chemistry together is amazing.

To brighten everyone's mood, I bring you the translation of the opening talk. I was fortunate enough to attend their first concert of 2019 and during the MC segment, they talked about how they spent their January too which I will include at the end so make sure to read all the way to the bottom. Well, enjoy!
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16 December 2018 @ 10:20 am
I'll be going to Osaka for the concert so all goods are purchased by me hence limited quantities for this pre-order, especially heavy and bulky items. If you have a charm from Fukuoka, I'll be glad to swap an Osaka or Sapporo charm for it.

The colour for Osaka charm should be blue.

Goods will be shipped from Singapore after I return from Japan. Email me at chiba.no.aiba@gmail.com with your location and order if you're interested.

Deadline is 8 Jan 2019.

Order early to avoid disappointment!

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I really enjoyed watching the "This is MJ" special project in collaboration with The Music Day and I had some time on hand so I decided to translate the segment. No subs this time, just translation, because frankly timing and typesetting is too tedious for me. I very much prefer to spend that time translating.

If anyone wants to sub the video using my translation or translate into other languages, please PM me for permission first.

 photo The Music Day - This is MJ 7 Jul 2018 1.jpg
View the rest of the translation here. The album's password is:[click]this_is_am
I've always wanted to try and sub videos myself but didn't know how to time or typeset so when I found out about sub_sub_gakkou, I jumped at the chance of learning how to create subtitles from scratch. The first episode of Kotatsu de Arashi was what I chose to use for learning and I'm sharing with everyone the fruit of my labour. (^_^)

I loved this episode of Kotatsu de Arashi because it gave us a rare glimpse of how it's like behind the scenes of VS Arashi! We also get to learn more about Arashi members straight from the horse's mouth.

Enough talking! Enjoy the video!~

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1. Kindly do not redistribute the file or hotlink it.
2. Kindly do not upload onto streaming sites.
3. Kindly do not claim my work as yours.
3. If you want to translate into other languages, kindly inform me first.

Thank you!
30 April 2017 @ 04:13 pm
Such an interesting drama, I couldn't wait to finish watching it. :D

I wonder if there will be a second season.

Ep 7 | Key: !i5ZyurOQJoK49mLMluOzYVPRcAMvhoycHoHeyPzYu_I

Ep 8 Final | Key: !lhIE5HL2B6QWWn5EGFswFGihEprJQKq6Q1PhFgsYglc

Hope you enjoy the drama too!
13 November 2014 @ 01:00 am
I'm going for Arashi's The Digitalian concert in Sapporo with a friend so I'm organizing a pre-order.

It's my first Arashi concert so I'm super duper excited!

Prices are in Singapore Dollars and excludes shipping.
Comment here (screened for privacy) or email me at chiba.no.aiba@gmail.com your order.

Deadline: 5 December 2014
Goods will be distributed/mailed out by end December.

For Singapore buyers:
- Shipping costs not applicable (unless you opt for local postage).
- Accept payment via Bank Transfer only.
- Collection of goods via mass meet-up or local postage (for small & light items).

For international buyers:
- First payment for cost of goods only. Second payment for shipping.
- Shipping cost will only be advised after I return from Japan.
- Accept payment via PayPal only (buyer pays the PayPal fees)

Other Terms & Conditions
1. If I am unable to fulfill your order, your money will be refunded.
2. I am not responsible for items lost in the mail (registered mail encouraged).
3. I am not responsible for items damaged in the mail (item will be packed well).
4. Please kindly follow the order format.

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For my past feedback, refer to here. My recent feedbacks are on Carousell here.
01 November 2010 @ 01:00 am
Just finished Boku Dake no Madonna in 4 days! Thank goodness MU was being good to me. :D I really love the drama's soundtrack! I'm especially obsessed with 2 songs. They're essentially the same melody but different arrangements. I've uploaded my fav among the two onto 4shared where you can stream and download the song. ^^

Tenderly from Boku Dake no Madonna

Boku Dake no Madonna surprised me. I started watching without any expectations and loved it! Guess I still love romance dramas after all. Going through the famed Gekku time slot list in Wiki D-Addicts, I've plan to watch Last Christmas and Itsumo Futari de. Hope they'll be good dramas.

From the recent years of Gekku dramas, the few romance dramas that are decent for me would be NatsuNiji and Nodame. I suppose Gekku is past its golden age already and doesn't always translate to good ratings and good dramas.

Anyway, does anyone have any romance dramas to recommend me? My list of dramas whcich I've watched is here. I don't think I'm too picky but I usually avoid Ueto Aya or Ishihara Satomi or Ito Misaki or Fukada Kyoko dramas. Reason being I think their acting is kinda crappy and the way they act out their characters is always annonying. I don't mind older dramas but probably not those in the 90s. So recommend away!
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